“Over the 12 months I have worked with Andy I’ve seen signification improvements in both FTP and aerobic base. Andy opened my eyes to a new structure of training and has also been a significant help with getting better with fuelling on and off the bike. The support and feedback from sessions day to day is invaluable and almost certainly the reason why he gets consistently good results with athletes.”Duncan Bottrill

“I’ve been working with Andy since January and have seen significant improvements in my riding. The structured sessions I complete during the week, complimented by endurance focused rides on the weekend, enable me to fit a consistent training load around work and family.”Darren Hughes

“After a 17 year break from racing I finally pinned a number on my back again this year. Without Andy’s coaching and encouragement, there’s no way this would’ve happened. I’m loving it!”

“Me and my husband have been using Andy to improve our cycling TT’s. Andy is a very knowledgable guy, and gives great feedback on sessions. We are both seeing improvements from his structured training plan, and look forward to continuing!”Emma Wyatt

“I’ve known Andy for a while now and worked together in other capacities, but I initially contacted Andy about his coaching to help “screw my head back on”. I’d lost a bit of mojo with riding and he provided a bit of direction and specificity for me after taking advantage of his startup offer for May.
I’ve used a coach before, but not for a while now and I know it’s very much a partnership; you get out exactly what you put in, but my experience here is very different to previous.
One area Andy excels in for me is his communication and flexibility to adapt at short notice. Not everyone can ride all day every day and plans can change at short notice. On top of that, he provides feedback on each session and checks in to see how everything is going and is definitely invested in the process and specifics of improvement. These are the two most important areas of coaching in my opinion.”
Luis Alcantarilla

“After a couple of months with Andy coaching me, he’s already helped me take my 10 mile time trial time down by more than 60 seconds and achieve my goals for this year” Dean Prosser

“Every time I ride at the moment it feels like I’m getting stronger, the sustained efforts are way easier than before and I feel like a different rider! Last year I wouldn’t have been able to sit at my 20 minutes power for even 10 minutes, with plenty still in the tank!”Harvey Thomas

“Really pleased to take 30 seconds off my pb on the climb out of Knighton just trying to ride tempo relaxed. But what really surprised me was my second standing start just off shobdon crossroads. I got up to speed and thought I’d carry it on as there’s a segment on it. I took 8 seconds off the all time record over 0.7 of a mile. I really do believe what your planning for me is benefiting me for sure. In fact my mrs said I look a lot healthier since I’ve been on your program!”Kevin Parry

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