Performance packages/prices

No long term sign-ups or setup fees


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Standard Package – £80/month

  • Monthly personalised training plan.
  • Goal setting and needs analysis.
  • Power profiling.
  • Weekly training analysis
  • Fortnightly feedback and necessary edits made to the training plan due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Monthly phone call.

Premium Package – £120/month

  • Weekly personalised training plans (with edits if required due to unforeseen circumstances).
  • Previous training analysis.
  • Goal setting and needs analysis. 
  • Comprehensive power profiling, HR testing and fatigue monitoring.
  • Daily training analysis and feedback.
  • Regular text communication with coach.
  • Monthly phone call.
  • Profile of Mood State monitoring.
  • Psychological strategies to improve confidence, reduce anxiety and maximise performance.
  • Pre-race prep-talk.
  • Post-race analysis talk. 

Nutrition Package – £60/month

  • Optimised nutrition guidance for around and during training sessions.
  • Lifestyle nutrition advice to help build healthy and long term habitual changes.
  • Specific event nutrition plan.
  • Nutritional training strategies to get the most out of your on-bike training and day to day energy levels.

Strength and Conditioning Package – £80/month

  • Fully integrated S&C plan to best compliment your bike training plan to suit your aims and goals.
  • Pre-training muscle activation sessions to get the most out of your bike training.
  • Post-training stretching programme.
  • 1-1 S&C/Gym sessions (£40/hour plus expenses, COVID restrictions permitting).

Dietary analysis – £20/day analysed

  • Comprehensive analysis of your food/drink intake over the course of however many days you choose.
  • Full macro and micronutrient breakdowns.
  • Nutritional strategies to help you work towards your goals. I.e. improved energy levels, event performance, body composition etc.

Fully comprehensive power and heart rate testing – £60

  • Critical Power and Watts Prime testing
  • Maximal Heart Rate testing
  • Lambert’s Sub-maximal Cycling Test
  • Maximal Aerobic Power testing
  • Analysed by our Coaches/Sport Scientists and used to determine power and heart rate training zones
  • Repeat testing can gauge improvements in performance as well as monitor fatigue
  • Integrated into your TrainingPeaks account
  • Full report emailed to you and talked through over the phone upon completion of the tests

Physiological testing (Coming soon) – £TBC

(All additional packages can be added or removed from the Standard or Premium Package as and when required.)